For the well-being of people, communities and territories

Welfare InCooperazione is a strategic project of the Cooperazione Trentina dedicated to the development of a modern territorial Welfare ecosystem.

In a society characterised by the progressive impoverishment of family and community relations, the Federation is committed to promoting and activating innovative projects that create virtuous models of care, education and social inclusion.

The beneficiaries

The initiatives welcome people, their families and communities by helping them to be more aware of their needs and accompanying them in exploring the resources and opportunities available in the area

Areas of focus/Scope for intervention

The paradigm of Welfare InCooperation envisages a significant investment in the social determinants of health, cornerstones around which to rethink a community of care, housing, training, work, well-being.  A vision that actualises the principle of subsidiary action, redefining the collaboration between public, private and civil society. 

Social inclusion and participation

Individual paths that promote greater participation in social life. Discover the projects!

Education and Learning

Courses and training initiatives for all ages.

Personal and family well-being

Services to support individuals and families for the development of psycho-physical, economic, socio-relational and housing well-being;

The projects


Platform for Inclusion, Work and Training for Young People in the Trentino Region